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For over a decade, the founders of Chark Sauce & Spice Co. worked together at a large Environmental Services Company in Canada. During that time, they became friends and eventually realized that it was time for a career change. In the spring of 2021, Chanier, Aaron and Kelley left their jobs to start their own Environmental Consulting Company. 

As exciting as this new venture was, it took one of the partners getting married a few months later to let us know what our true calling is. You see, Chanier has been a foodie since before we all met and was always impressing us with his latest food creations that he posted on Instagram. His love for cooking and willingness to teach others expanded our own appreciation for making good food, especially when it came to entertaining family and friends around the holidays. 

What happened on that beautiful day in September 2021 would set the stage for the Flavour First Revolution. It was there that Chanier innocently placed 2 bottles of homemade sauce on each table for his guests to enjoy with their meal. These sauces were developed over years of trial and error and were originally created because of all the leftover peppers that came from the family garden at the end of every summer. He was careful to include flavours that he, his family and his friends were most familiar with. But little did he know that during those early years in the family kitchen, he was building the foundation for Chark Sauce and Spice Co.

Everyone at our wedding table tried the sauces. The first one was Hibiscus Spiced Heat which several of us immediately proclaimed was “the most flavourful hot sauce we have ever tried”. The second bottle was the Wild & Savoury, which many people at the table liked even better than the first! Soon after we all sat down, it was clear to us that Chanier’s sauces were a hit. People were now walking the tables trying to grab a few extra bottles to take home, and others were in desperate search of the bottles that others had already “stole” from their table when they weren’t looking.

As the honeymoon ended, and the excitement of the wedding had waned, plans for our entry to the world of Hot Sauce had begun. We chose our name (which was a play on our initials), created our logo, decided on packaging, researched legal requirements, established our company and did everything else that we needed to get started.

We are excited for what’s to come and hope that you love our sauces as much as we do. There are so many flavours that we already have in store for you and many more ideas that we can’t wait to work on! 


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